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Bootstrapping Drupal from an external sript

There are occasions where connecting to Drupal from an external script comes in handy. Connecting from a non-Drupal system, performing simple maintenance tasks, or just quick and dirty one time operations where you don't feel like making a module. I do this often when creating import scripts to bring data into a new site.

Barcode PHP class

I've been working on an event management system for IAS and have learned more about barcodes and barcode scanners than I ever would have imagined. Anyway, I've come to learn that there are no good resources for generating barcodes with PHP.

Emacs php-mode

To get php-mode (with colorization) to automatically be invoked for *.php and *.inc files, put the following in the ~/.emacs file:

(load-library "php-mode.elc")
(setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.php$" . php-mode) auto-mode-alist))
(setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.inc$" . php-mode) auto-mode-alist))
(add-hook 'php-mode-user-hook 'turn-on-font-lock)