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Creating date repeat rules

Because Date doesn't play well with drupal_execute(), you have to use node_save() to insert/update nodes. If those nodes have a date field that uses repeats, you have to manually create the date array and repeat rule. ugh!

Programmatically inserting nodes

Inserting nodes, programmatically, is not always the easiest thing. The "drupally" way of doing it is to build the node form array and then submit it to drupal_execute(). (http://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/includes--form.inc/function/drupal_exec...) This follows the same procedure that the node/add form follows. This method will make sure that all the same validations occur, permission checks, etc. The problem is this is a slow process, and some modules don't work well with drupal_execute; namely, Date. To insert modules that have date fields, use node_save().