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Drupal update status email

I hate when I configure a site to notify me of available updates and all I get is this generic email.

There are updates available for your version of Drupal. To ensure the proper functioning of your site, you should update as soon as possible.

There are updates available for one or more of your modules or themes. To ensure the proper functioning of your site, you should update as soon as possible.

As and admin, I would like something more specific than this. It is like an error message that says "ERROR".

Drupal.org handbook content audit

lisarex has started a content audit for drupal.org. The plan is to start with handbook pages, like the Theming Guide. http://groups.drupal.org/node/139814 . There are some 1200 pages to audit. That's just the handbooks! I've been helping by assisting Lisa with the development server. Getting various views setup to organize what needs auditing, and also setting up flags. (and fixing the broken site) I've also already audited several sections. Please lend a hand, if you have time to spare! you can contact me directly, or lisarex.


My friend Brian took over maintenance of the DOPL module. http://drupal.org/project/dopl We are experimenting with using it for the support.drupal.org project. It is great for linking directly to drupal.or nodes. See more here - http://drupal.org/node/1122198

Drupal docs admin

I'm now a drupal.org documentation admin. http://drupal.org/node/1114036 . What shall I destroy first! But, seriously, the drupal.org Documentation Team could use a lot of help. If you are interested, sign up. http://drupal.org/contribute/documentation


I'm helping spearhead the effort to create a support.drupal.org site. Something that will help remove support requests from the drupal.org forums and issue queues, and hopefully better serve those with support needs. Susan (HedgeMage), created a sandbox project to get it started. http://drupal.org/sandbox/HedgeMage/1088372 A groups.drupal.org group and an IRC channel were also created. http://groups.drupal.org/support-infrastructure If anyone is interested in helping, contact me. We already have a dev server setup on drupal.org, but are still in the research and planning phase.

Show block only for specific user or role

A quick and dirty way to control the visibility of a block is to add a php snippet. Set the visibility in the block administration to "Show if the following PHP code returns TRUE", and use something like this:

global $user;
if (
in_array('authenticated user', $user->roles)) {
} else {

I know what you're thinking. There is a setting for making a block visible by role. Yes, but there is no setting for making a block NOT appear for a role. Take the same code and return FALSE for a specific role, or return TRUE for a specific user, etc.

Drupal 6 module development skeleton

At our Central NJ drupal group meetup, and went over some module development basics. The shell of a module I worked on I posted in the groups.drupal.org thread. http://groups.drupal.org/node/104919#comment-353479

Javascript for showing and hiding form fields based on the value of another field

This is the rather long js for making a block of fields only appear if a specific value was chosen for another field. (It made address information appear if you chose "General Public" on a registration form.) It is added as a markup field in a webform.

Report DB version in status report

When I change a field setting, primarily one of the select boxes on admin/structure/types/manage/article/display, the selected option in the form always reverts back to the original value. The setting does get changed, but when the form refreshes it reverts back. pwolanin witnesses the behavior with me. It is not browser related as it happens on every client computer and every browser. I also used web scarab to intercept the server responses and see that it is indeed returning cached values.

Multisite using alias in Apache config

People are always having issues setting up a multisite using Drupal. Part of the hangup is working out the symbolic links you have to create. Why? At the heart of it, Apache needs to find the index.php in the root of the Drupal installation, regardless of what URL is used to access it.


It doesn't matter what address you are using, as long as you do something to point Apache to your index.php file. For some people this means using a symbolic link in your Drupal root, like so: