Web design, programming, graphics, and pretty much anything else I care about.


Rutgers University, http://www.rutgers.edu
Drupal, fully responsive.

Institute for Advanced Study, http://www.ias.edu
Drupal, lots of Views, ImageCache, Calendar, custom theme and modules, etc.

IAS Schools
Drupal, custom themes and modules.

IAS Videos, http://video.ias.edu
Drupal, Views, WebFM, custom theme, Adobe Flash Media Server. Streams large videos of academic lectures.

Science Initiative Group, http://sites.ias.edu/sig
Drupal, custom theme.

Inner Piece, http://inner-piece.com
Site for an artist that sells hand-made tiles and mosaic pieces.
Drupal, Ubercart, image galleries, custom theme.

Annals of Mathematics, http://annals.princeton.edu
Custom WordPress theme.