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Barcode PHP class

I've been working on an event management system for IAS and have learned more about barcodes and barcode scanners than I ever would have imagined. Anyway, I've come to learn that there are no good resources for generating barcodes with PHP. The one people seem to actually be using the most is this one - http://www.phpclasses.org/package/2441-PHP-Generate-barcode-graphs-using... . There is even a Drupal module using it - http://drupal.org/project/barcode . But, it has serious issues. For one, the code is sloppy. For another, his own examples don't work right. He has things defined in his own class that don't work because he overrides the values supplied. Huh?! Also, the CODE128 codes don't work properly. The main frustrating things is that this class is 80-90% of that way there, and I see why people use it. It is the best available option if you don't want to install anything. Speaking of... I instead used the barcode class you can download for Pear. http://pear.php.net/package/Image_Barcode . It works quite well. the disadvantages are mainly that you have to install Pear libraries. That was ok for me, because we already use them on our servers. Also, the barcode types are limited. There are only 5, or so, barcode standards it supports. This was also fine, since I don't need to use a specific format. At some point I'll need to post the barcode generation files I created. I first need to strip confidential information from them. If anyone is interested in them, contact me. I'm also thinking of lending my services to the barcode Drupal module, once I get back into this in the summer. I might rewrite that PHP class.