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Drupal cookie domain

$cookie_domain = 'david.narrabilis.com';

Must be set in settings.php for FCKEditor's (CKEditor) file manager to work. Otherwise, you get a pop up error when you try to access it via the "Bowse Server" button. Like when trying to insert an image. Also, if this setting is incorrect, it can cause various things on a Drupal site to not work. For example, I could not log in to an otherwise functional site. When I tried to install another, with this misconfigured, the installation failed half way through with some mysql syntax error.

This is also important when using a multi-site configuration as sub-directories. If you have david.narrabilis.com and david.narrabilis.com/site2 as two separate sites, it will keep trying to use the same cookie for both. Set $cookie_domain to something more specific, like 'david.narrabilis.com:site2'