Web design, programming, graphics, and pretty much anything else I care about.


A web developer and systems administrator with over ten years of experience working with non-profits and educational institutions, having developed websites for the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University, and Rutgers University. This work is primarily with Drupal as a content management system, including development of custom modules and themes. David has a long history in the Drupal community, writing documentation, coding for publicly available modules, providing user support and training, and assisting with drupal.org development initiatives. David co-organizes the Central New Jersey Drupal group, and speaks at and co-organizes Drupal Camp New Jersey, an annual Drupal conference held in Princeton, NJ.

For more information about David's development history, use the following resources:

Contact me at david@blahnarrabilis.com or http://david.narrabilis.com/contact
Drupal.org user davidhernandez - http://drupal.org/user/274559
Groups.drupal.org profile - http://groups.drupal.org/user/19797
LinkedIn profile - http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidnarrabilis